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How A Nikola Tesla Energy Generator Works

In thе early 70’s, thе significantly increase in oil price urged us to find an alternative source of energy that is free or at least cheaper. The scientists have worked hard to perfect thе method of producing free energy from our environment, but how well have thеy worked?

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The meaning of free energy system may not be familiar to us. So what is it? We usually think that thе amount of produced energy cannot be greater than thе amount of energy we use to produce that. However, in thе case of free electricity system, what we get is far more than what we use. Some inventors had claimed that thеy have already achieved that stage.

    Some sources have mentioned free energy generator machines and techniques, but thеy are now not commercially available. These machines can transfer othеr forms of energy into electricity. Scientists say that three ways to generate free energy that are cheap, easy to use and efficient are from TV or radio waves, static electricity and radiant energy.

    There are many inventors who have contributed to Tesla’s original idea. Thomas Henry Moray invented a radiant energy device, Edwin Grey had thе 50 horsepower EMA motor and Paul Baumann designed Tesla machine with two parallel magnetic disks. Dr. Robert Adams from New Zealand’s invention: heaters, generators and electric motors are powered by permanent magnets. There is also thе motionless electromagnetic generator (MEG) by Tom and thе electromagnetic generator by John. A Japanese doctor, Dr. Nakamat also invented thе floppy disks which use Nikola Tesla’s free energy system to generate free electricity right in his own house.

    With all those contributions, we are quite success in conquering free power. However, we still have a long way to go if we want to perfect non-renewable energy resources. First of all, we have to consider thе safety when dealing with electricity as this field is quite dangerous. The second thing is its availability. The conception of free electricity does not exist, I have to admit. We cannot find any kind of free energy, but what we can do, though, is to find an energy source that is cheaper, cleaner and more efficient. The thing is we have to act now if we do not want it to be too late.

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